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HD Sports Digital Video Camera 720P or 1080P Selectable

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Thank you for purchasing the HD Sports Digital Video Camera. This product is stylish, small and exquisite in appearance. It's the digital product that you must have for outdoor sports, travelling and automobile data recording. This manual explains in detail how to use this video camera. And it provides you with detailed information on the use, operation, safety precautions as well as technical specifications of this product. Please read this manual carefully before using and keep it properly for your reference. We sincerely hope that this product will meet your requirements and serve you for a long time to come.

Product Overview:

This product is an ultra‐small water‐proof high definition digital video camera tailored to market demand. It has a variety of prominent functions including HD digital video & audio recording, photo‐shooting, high‐speed USB data transferring, USB charging, etc. It has a wide range of applications so that you can start recording any time anywhere......


I. Features ‐Ultra small and portable; 120°*5‐megapixel and 170°*12‐megapixel A+ HD wide‐angle lens available for diverse needs of customers. ‐Water‐proof up to 20 meters depth under the water. ‐Built‐in lithium battery; able to record while charging. ‐Supports High Capacity Micro SD card ‐ TV/HDMI interface connect to HD TV set directly. ‐Web camera function. ‐Built‐in microphone/buzzer/vibration motor.

II. Standard accessories as shown below: 1.Charger 2. USB Cable 3. OUT Cable 4. CD 5. 3M Double‐Sided Tape 6.Lubricant for O‐Shaped Water‐Proof Ring 2 TV 7. Wiping Cloth 8. Water‐Proof Ring 9. Screws & Screw Tools 10. Instruction Manual 11. Silicon Band 12. Sports Band 13. Product Stand 14. Bicycle Stand 15. Product Rear Casing 16. Protection Goggles Stand 17. Silicon Band Buckle III. Optional Accessories: 1. HDMI 2. MICRO SD Card 3. Car Battery Charger 4. Vehicle‐Mounted Stand 3 IV. Function Diagram 1. Power Charging Indicator 2. Working Indicator 3. Recording Mode 4. Shooting Mode 5. 720P Mode 6. 1080P Mode 7. OUT 8. Reset Hole 9. On/off/Pause key 10. USB Interface 11. HDMI Interface 12. TF Card Slot 4 TV V.

Basic Operations

I. USB Drive Mode You can play the video files in the Micro SD Card and delete unwanted files in 1080p mode and connecting with the computer through U‐drive.

II. Webcam Mode In 720p mode, connect to the computer, an icon of video camera will appear under the root directory of the computer after 10~15 seconds. Double click the icon to turn on webcam mode.

III. Battery Charging 1. With charger: Connect one end of the data cable with the charger that comes with the camera and the other end with the video camera, plug into the power. 2. With computer: Connect one end of the USB cable with the computer and the other end with the video camera. 3. With car battery charger: Connect the car battery charger directly with the camera's USB interface. 5

VI. Inserting and Removing Micro SD Card 1. Insert the Micro SD Card into the card slot as indicated until it's fixed. 2. Press down the Micro SD Card and wait until it pops out, then remove the card. Cautions: 1. Please insert the card in the right direction or the device or the card will be damaged. 2. If the card is incompatible with the device, please insert it again or try a new card. 3. Please use genuine Micro SD card.

VII. Operation of Special Features Video Recording and Photo‐shooting 1. Press and hold Function Key to ⑨ turn on the video camera. You will hear a beep when you put the camera in recording mode. Two resolutions (1440*1080/1280*720) are available on this product. Press Function Key ⑨ to enter recording mode and press again to pause or save the clip recorded. 2. In shooting mode, press Function Key ⑨ to enable continuous shooting (approx. 0.2 shots/sec). Press Function Key ⑨ to pause. 3. Charging‐Recording Mode Connect the camera's USB interface with the charger that comes with 6 the device or with the car battery charger, turn on the camera and you can enter the synchronized charging‐recording mode.

VIII. Time Setting Time display is default for this product. Follow the instructions below If you want to delete or modify the time: 1. Create a new Time File under the root directory. Edit the time in yyyy mm dd hr min sec format (e.g. 2012.09.09 12:30:00N). Save and exit the file and deletion of time is now completed. And it will not be displayed next time when you turn on the camera. 2. Follow the following instructions if you want the time to be displayed on the camera: Create a new Time File under the root directory. Edit the time in yyyy mm dd hr min sec format (e.g. 2012.09.09 12:30:00N). Save and exit the file and the modification is now completed. And time will be displayed next time when you turn on the camera.

VIIII. DHMI & TV OUT 1. Connect one end of the HDMI cable with the Camera and the other end with HD TV interface, turn on the device to playback AV files 2. Be careful with the video and audio signal lines when connecting the TV cable. In the meantime, switch the TV set in AV2 mode and select the TV system that is consistent with the device. Press Function Key ⑨ to play. 7 Technical specifications Lens 5‐megapixel * 120° & 12‐megapixel*170° A+ HD wide‐angle lens Video Recording Resolution 1440*1080 1280*720 Video Recording Format AVI Compressed Format of Video H.264 Picture Resolution 4032*3024 2560*1920 Picture Format JPG Memory Card MICRO SD Shooting Mode Continuous Shooting Light Source Frequency 60Hz TV OUT NTSC/PAL USB Interface USB 2.0 Power Interface 5V500MA System Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Helmet camcorder sport camera - HD Sports Digital Video Camera 720P or 1080P Selectable


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Guía de compras & Glosario

When it comes to selecting a camera, there are several broad decisions that need to be made. The first option is whether to use color or black and white cameras.

The advantages of color cameras are that you will be better able to distinguish different items in the field of view. For example if you are looking at a parking lot, and want to identify a particular car, color cameras will help you distinguish a particular vehicle. (Imagine calling the police and telling them that the crook got away in a "very dark gray" car, with “light gray” license plates!) The same thing would be true if you were looking at a crowd of people, and want to be able to identify someone by the color of their clothing. The disadvantage of color cameras is that in low light situations, a color camera will stop performing, and a black and white camera will continue to operate. Color cameras also tend to be more expensive than comparable black and white cameras.

The advantage of black and white cameras, include lower cost, and better low-light performance.

Another issue in camera selection has to do with whether the camera has "standard" or "high" resolution. Put simply, the higher the resolution, the sharper the picture will appear on the monitor. Resolution is measured in terms of horizontal lines across the screen that create the picture that you see on the monitor. For black and white cameras, standard resolution usually means 380 lines, and high resolution means 580 lines. For color cameras, standard resolution means 330 lines, and high resolution means 460 lines. Most monitors have more than enough lines of resolution for either color or black and white cameras. However, most VCRs are limited to 240 lines of resolution in color, and 330 lines of resolution in black and white, unless you buy an S-VHS unit which can record at a higher resolution.

How Do You Record and View Surveillance Video?

There are a few ways to capture and store images from your surveillance cameras. For simpler security setups, memory card recording is the most common method. Memory cards are particularly effective if you're using a single camera in your system. Some cameras have built in memory cards; others need to be connected to a standalone  digital video recorder (DVR). Cams with built in recording are fine for many basic security applications, but they aren't ideal as a long-term video surveillance solution because they store much less data than a dedicated DVR. (The more memory a recording device has, the longer it can record before it runs out of storage space or begins to override earlier recordings.)

A dedicated DVR is the best choice for sophisticated surveillance systems. DVRs can record much more video than a typical removable memory card, and they're available in a variety of permutations. Small DVRs designed for personal use can support a single camera, while others can support as many as 16 cameras simultaneously and capture video to their large built in hard drives. Some people even use personal computers as hard drive recorders, though we don't recommend that solution for sophisticated surveillance systems because it's not nearly as reliable as a standalone DVR system.

How is Your Site Lit?

While many offices or other places of business are well lit at night, many private homes are not. The less light in a space, the more likely thieves are to look at it as a tempting target. If you need to protect an area with poor lighting, you'll want to invest in an IR (infrared) camera system. IR (also known as "Nightvision") cameras can shoot and record in complete darkness, and they're necessary tools in many surveillance situations. Though not true infrared models, some cameras are designed to work in extremely low light. To give you a basis for comparison, manufacturers provide a minimum illumination "lux" rating. The lower the lux rating number, the better a camera is at capturing images in  low light.


Unfamiliar with a spy camera term you've seen on our site? Find out what it means with our spy camera dictionary.

    Automatic Gain Control function that brightens image under low light condition.
Auto Iris
    lens component for controlling light intake of a camera
    Back Light Control function that dims intense back light automatically for a brighter picture of an object
Board Camera
    A fully functional board level camera without casing.
Board Lens
    1/2" dia. miniature lens for board camera, miniature camera and bullet camera.
Body Worn Camera (body worn camera)
    Portable covert camera such as button, camera, pen camera, pager camera, with battery power for covert operation. a/k/a: wearable camera
Bullet Camera
    A cylindrical shape camera. Available in pinhole bullet camera and outdoor bullet camera. a/k/a: lipstick camera.
Bullet Proof Camera
    stainless hardened metal cased camera used to resist damage from gun shots.
Camcorder Pinhole Lens
    pinhole lens attachment lens to most camcorders for self contained portable covert video
Camera Enclosure
    Protective casing for various cameras. Comes in outdoor, indoor, corner mount, wall mount, ceiling mount etc. a/k/a: camera housing, environmental housing.
Camera Housing
    see: camera enclosure
Car Backup System
    see: car rear view system
Car Rear View System
    see: car rear view system
CCD Camera
    (Charged Coupled Device) imaging camera with high resolution over 380 TV lines in B/W and 330 TV lines in color.
CCTV Camera
    Standard rectangular shape camera used for overt security. a/k/a: security camera.
CCTV Monitor
    high resolution (400 ~ 900 TV lines) monitors for security cameras.
CCTV System
    General term for a complete security system including camera(s), monitor, time lapse VCR etc.
CMOS Camera (cmos camera)
    (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) economical low resolution imaging camera (200 TV lines ~ 300 TV lines) w/ extremely low power consumption
Composite Video
    analog video input & output signal used in all consumer & security video equipment such as VCR, TV, security camera, video capture card, camcorder etc
Covert Camera
    hidden camera such as nanny cam, pinhole camera, pen camera, miniature camera etc.
Day & Night Camera (day & night camera)
    Color camera producing full color under a normal lighting and B/W video under infrared illumination.
Digital Multiplexer
    records image on to a hard disk or CD-ROM. multiple camera inputs. remote viewing available in some models. a/k/a: hard disk recorder, DVR also available in self contained unit w/o computer
Digital Spy Camera
    compact still picture camera with memory, download capability to a computer
Digital Video
    digital signal output used for computer USB port.
Dome Camera
    camera inside a vandal proof plastic dome casing with omni directional bracket.
Duplex Multiplexer
    multiplexer with independent viewing control without interfering with recording.
    Digital Video Recorder. A video recorder that stores video digitally on to its hard disk, no tape required.
Electronic Auto Iris
    auto iris function which is built in to the CCD imaging circuit of the a camera
Event Recorder
    - VCR with a trigger input such as a motion detector (built-in to all time lapse VCR) a/k/a: event VCR
Fast Dome Camera
    dome camera with pan & tilt, zoom control
Fishing Camera
    battery powered underwater camera and monitor system w/ up to 100' depth capability.
Hard Disk Recorder
    see: DVR
Hidden Camera
    general term for all covert cameras such as pinhole camera, hidden cam, miniature camera, nanny cam etc.
Infrared Camera
    b/w or dual mode camera with LED illuminators for night vision a/k/a: LED camera, night vision camera
Infrared Illuminator
    LED light source only visible to a b/w camera
IP Camera
    Also known as a IP Cam, Network Camera or Wi-Fi Camera, these camera systems send and receive video/audio over a computer network and the internet.
LCD Monitor
    Liquid Crystal Display flat monitor
LED Lamp
    see: infrared illuminator
Lipstick Camera (lipstick camera)
    see: bullet camera
    light level. 1 lux = 1 candle light. lower the better.
Mini Camera (mini camera)
    also known as mini spy camera, see: miniature camera
Miniature Camera (miniature camera)
    compact size camera measuring 1" x 1" squire. a/k/a: mini camera, spy camera
Mirror Image Camera (mirror image camera)
    camera use for vehicle backup viewing. Flips the image horizontally.
Motion Detector Camera
    camera with a motion detector that turns on or send record signal to a VCR upon motion. a/k/a: PIR camera, motion PIR camera
    multi camera video processor with split viewing function plus full screen playback for each cameras from recording.
Nanny Camera (nanny camera)
    A nanny cam is a complete spy camera system hidden inside various housings such as alarm clock, lamp, plant etc..
Network Camera
    see: ip camera
Night Vision Camera
    see: infrared camera
Observation System
    see: CCTV system
Outdoor Camera
    fully air tight camera used for outdoor, all weather conditions. a/k/a: weather proof camera, water proof camera
Pan & Tilt Zoom System
    see: PTZ system
Pen Camera (pen camera)
    Also known as a spy pen, spypen or pen cam, a pen camera is a wearable body worn camera in the disguise of a writing pen.
Pinhole Bullet Camera
    bullet camera with pinhole lens
Pinhole Lens
    tinny camera lens that can see through a opening little as 1/8" dia.
PIR Camera
    see: motion detector camera
Portable Camera (portable camera)
    see: body worn camera
Portable VCR
    12V battery operated compact VCR used with body worn cameras for covert operation.
PTZ system
    pan & tilt, zoom camera with controller. comes in indoor, outdoor or dome housing. a/k/a: ptz, ptz camera or pan tilt zoom camera
Quad Processor
    multiple camera processor that can combine cameras signals onto one monitor or a VCR by splitting the screen into 4 quadrants a/k/a: quad splitter
Quad Splitter
    see: quad processor
Real Time
    15 frames / sec = 30 fields /sec frame rate
Security Camera
    see: CCTV camera
Security Monitor
    see: CCTV monitor
Spy Camera (spy camera)
    general term for cameras used in covert applications. a/k/a: miniature camera, covert camera, pinhole camera
Spy Gadgets (spy gadgets)
    spy gear including spy pen, spy sunglasses, pen camera, watches, wireless cameras, hidden cameras and other spy tools & equipment.
Time Lapse
    frame rate lower than real time
Time Lapse VCR
    VCR with long recording capability up to 960 hours on single tape
Underwater Camera
    see: fishing camera
Vari-Focal Lens
    lens that can zoom in and out manually
Video Monitor
    see: CCTV monitor
Video Observation
    see: CCTV system
Video Surveillance System (video surveillance system)
    see: CCTV system
Video Transmitter (video transmitter)
    see: wireless transmitter
Water Proof Camera (water proof camera)
    see outdoor camera
Weather Proof Camera (weather proof camera)
    see: outdoor camera
Web Camera
    camera with a server that can transmit video signal via internet and other networks a/k/a: web cam, webcam, internet camera, internet cam, web camera server
Wireless Camera
    security camera with a wireless transmitter built-in
Wireless Receiver (wireless receiver)
    receives signal from a wireless transmitter. connects to a monitor or a VCR for recording.
Wireless Spy Camera
    see: wireless camera
Wireless Transmitter (wireless transmitter)
    connects to a camera for wireless video & audio signal transmission. Range: 300ft ~ 10 mile.
Wireless Video (wireless video)
    see: wireless transmitter
Zoom Camera (zoom camera)
    A camera with a zoom lens

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